Patchwork Headaches? I Can Help You

Some Common Patchwork and Quilting Problems

Having made more than 200 quilts, from tiny miniatures to king size quilts, I encountered many headaches when I was just starting out. My first efforts were clumsy to say the least. I taught myself, after being shown how to paper piece (English method) one hexagon, and I knew no-one else who could do patchwork.

As with many things in life, trial and error helped me to develop simple techniques that made the problems disappear.

Patchwork Headaches

Common problems faced by new (and sometimes more experienced) quilt makers include:

  1. Block patterns
    1. How to analyse
    2. Size of patches
    3. Cutting rules
  2. Cutting rules for triangles
    1. What type of triangle you need
    2. How to know what size to cut
  3. Cutting bendy strips
    1. What causes bent strips
    2. How to cut fabric strips straight
  4. Perfecting quarter inch seams
    1. Simple exercise to check your seams
  5. Pressing successfully
    1. When to press seams
    2. How to press
  6. Triangle points chopped off
    1. Three pin method
    2. Sewing through the X
  7. Seam junctions not meeting exactly
    1. Pressing
    2. Three pin method



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