Patchwork: Colours of the Year 2017

Kona™ Pink Flamingo

The patchwork fabric colour of the year for 2017 is Kona™ Pink Flamingo. I found some quilts designed with this colour fabric, either by the distributor (Robert Kaufman) or requested by same, or quilt guild challenges, or quilters who just wanted to use the gorgeous pink in a quilt. (Read the articles by clicking on the images)

Pink Flamingo colour of the year 2017

Pantone™ Greenery

The Pantone™ colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery. I found some quilts designed with this colour, either by quilters who love challenges, or quilters who just wanted to use the fresh spring inspired green in a quilt. (Read the articles by clicking on the images)

Pantone Greenery: Colour of the year 2017


4 Quilts with Pink Flamingo

Fabric Colour of the Year

Stars Over Pink FlamingoStars Over Pink Flamingo

Valori Wells “When looking for inspiration for this quilt…”

Pink Flamingo used in a quiltKONA Color of the Year 2017
Modern Domestic  

The KONA Color of the Year quilts are on display in our shop.

Pink Flamingo Hexagon QuiltA Pink Flamingo Hexagon Quilt

I have had plans for this simple color layout for a Hexagon Quilt for some time. One shape, three different colors. As soon as I saw this year’s…

gingham quilt top on bedPink Flamingo Gingham Quilt Top

Welcome to finish it up Friday! I finished my gingham quilt top! Piecing a king size quilt in less than a week during the first week of su…

3+ Quilts with Greenery

Pantone Colour of the Year

 Greenery quiltsInstagram post by Vanessa Christenson

“Oh hey @pantone you say #coloroftheyear2017 is #greenery? Yep, I got you covered and I fully…”

challenge poster

2017 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Greenery Edition

Sarah, of no hats in the house, and I are so thrilled Anne and Adrianne entrusted us with the hefty (and, let’s be real, super exciting) responsibility of

Entered in the challenge

 Wildwood Blazes: Pantone Greenery Quilt Challenge

My “Wildwood Blazes” has been in my mind for many years.  I tried to make one a few years back, but scrapped it.  As everyone knows, I love to hike and many trails

2 Quilts with Both Colours

Pink Flamingo and Greenery

Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Diamond Tiles

Pattern available from Robert Kaufman Fabrics


Colour Post: Pink + Green

Why do they work together? 2017 Kona Color of the Year: Pink Flamingo with the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery.

What Fresh Inspiration!

Are you going to try your hand at using the coloursof the year?

Tell us in the comments below. Pics too please!

See you next time
Jan T

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