5 Modern Quilting Trends For You To Discover

Modern Quilting is described as being brightly coloured with large areas of open space, improvisation and large shapes. The five articles linked below showcase quilts that fit that description, and the writers discuss their take on the modern quilting trend.

1.  The Quilters’ Planner

alison glass constant flux mini quilt for andover

2. @QuiltingJetgirl

Not only was there a beautiful improvisation category on display, but many quilts in other categories (including other winning quilts) used improvisation as a technique.

Modern Spelunking by Stephanie Ruyle (Spontaneous Threads)

3. Modern Applique Trends

“Turns out it was something I never thought I would be doing – wool applique by hand.  And I enjoyed every minute of it!

In Bloom

In Bloom by Heather Mulder Peterson

4. Triangle Trends

The Giant Chevron Quilt by Brenda Ratliff uses Flying Geese quilt blocks.

 “Triangles are found in so many modern quilting patterns and it’s easy to see why they’re popular. The three lines and three angles that make up a triangle can be modified to create diversity.

5. Craftsy Quilting Blog

Pineapple Quilt by Sew Kind of Wonderful

Does the Modern Style Appeal To You?

I love the great big dramatic shapes of colour and the the ’empty’ spaces which adds contrast and rest for the eye.

How about you? Write me a little note about your opinion of the trend in the comments section below.

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Jan T