Start With One Special Print

There is a fabric just waiting for you to buy it at your favourite quilt shop. I call this “Buy Me” fabric. It calls you from the shelf and is so beautiful you say to yourself:

“I’m going to make a quilt with that!”

Take your clues from this fabric

What drew you to this one out of all the bolts in the store?

  • The colour?
  • The print/pattern?
  • The size of the design?

To decide on what fabrics will ‘go’ with it, see how the designer has combined the colours. How contrasting are the accent colours? What proportions are the colours?

A little story about feature fabric

My stage II patchwork students in Brisbane were instructed to buy the border fabric for a single bed sized quilt before class. Then we used their choices to decide how to choose the rest of the fabrics. The border fabric was not used anywhere else in the quilt, but because the colour combinations were arrived at by using the border fabric choices, the quilts were beautiful.

Background or accent for this fabric

Look at the pattern you have chosen for your quilt and work out where you will put your favourite fabric.

  • Is it going to be the background?
  • Is it the feature?
  • Will it be just for the border?

This will determine how strong your accent fabrics need to be in the design.

In the quilt at right is the one students will make in Make Your First Patchwork Quilt. The focus fabric is the background and the colour scheme for the quilt.

quilt pic