Problematic fabrics for inexperienced patchworkers

Starting out is hard enough

You don't need the added drama of difficult fabric patterns

Fabrics to watch out for

Beginning patchworkers do not need extra things to worry about.

It is stressful enough making sure you cut straight strips, measure correctly, and get fabrics that ‘go’ together.

I would prefer that you leave the fabric styles  on this page until you are ready to tackle the inbuilt problems they present.

No stress please!

signature pic

up and down pic

Directional prints

Fabrics with a one way design, that is, a right way up pattern like the cats above, must be cut and pieced in the right direction.

large pic

Large scale prints

When you cut these designs up into patches, you are never sure what you will get.

striped pic

Flower Stripes

Prints with flowers in rows — care needed to make sure the rows are cut straight.

check pic

Plaids, tartans, checked fabrics

I love Madras checks like this one, but you must cut any plaid pattern so carefully. Too hard for newbies!

print pic

All over small prints

These little patterns almost always form stripes, and must be cut very straight. Stressful!

squared pic

Repeat patterns that form 'plaids'

Floral designs squared patterns are as problematic as actual plaid fabrics.

Next: Choosing a palette of fabrics

Finally I'll show you how Very Easy it is to start with a fabric and base the rest on that one