In Your Studio (er I Mean Your Sewing Room)

Find your focus or feature fabric first

The one that jumped up and said, "Buy me, I'm gorgeous"

My 'buy me' fabric.

Butterfly prints always want to come home with me.

Looking closely at this print, I don’t see just purple on cream. There’s yellow, lilac, olive, deep red.

I took my cues from the darkest and lightest values in the feature fabric, and based my coordinating fabric choices on that.

Very Easy, wasn’t it?

My butterfly palette

The fabrics I chose:

  1. Lightest value:
    Pale ‘splotchy’ lilac print
  2. Light-Medium value:
    Yellow small scale close flower pattern
  3. Medium value:
    Olive medium scale tone on tone print
  4. Darkest value:
    Tiny red/purple all over design that ‘reads’ purple
fabric pic
large pic

Next: If you are a new or nearly new quilter

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