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Why enrol in the school?

When you become a student at Jan T’s Patchwork School you can wander along Very Easy Way to explore the virtual Campus.

You will have access to

All areas of the campus including:

  • the Cafeteria, a gathering place for students to share your work, make friends with other students and get help with course problems.
  • the Library, a resource centre with downloadable content and links to other resources.
  • your own room, the My Courses Dashboard, will show any courses you have paid for, and any free courses you are enrolled in. In addition, account information and order history is available  on your dashboard.

Fun Stuff

You receive achievement awards for your progress in a course, and a certificate when you have completed a course. These appear in your dashboard as you complete sections and courses.

Students sometimes get discount vouchers to use on purchasing premium courses.

Come on, register now to enjoy all this!

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