Free | The Ultimate Quilt Fabric Recipe

Secrets to Successful Quilt Fabric Choices

  • Ingredients — you, some quilt shops and your (new) confidence
  • Method — mix carefully: the mood you want, your block or quilt pattern
  • Baking — takes time, even days or weeks
  • Cool — Cut into patches and serve up your fabulous new quilt

Grey Fort Quilts at St Jacob's,USA

 Why Is It Hard To Choose Fabrics?

It actually can be Very Easy, and I will guide you with my own tried and true methods.

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Jan TJan T

Jan T (Urquhart) Baillie, renowned Australian quiltmaker, is known for her scrap quilts, her sixty degree triangle quilts, and for her revolutionary fast piecing system, Listen With Your Eyes, which she invented in 1990 and which has been adopted worldwide. Teaching (make that enthusing) people about quiltmaking, traditional and not so traditional, for more than thirty years, was her life. She likes to tell people that she likes "big bits and fast", is a firm believer in beginners being taught to "walk first and run later", and her slogan is: You have to have fun or you have to go home.

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