Beginner Patchwork Course: Introducing Colour

Get more confident with colour selection.

This short course will help to build your colour IQ

  • Part 1 will look at the basics of colour theory — not too deeply, I promise! Simple rules that you can use if you are not getting the colours quite ‘right’ in your quilts.
  • Part 2 will be focusing on style or mood using colour. This section also will look at themes.
  • Part 3 will be some practical examples of colour schemes.

How the course works

You need:

  • scraps of fabric cut into 2 inch squares. (Note: wait for each lesson to see what scraps you need)
  • a glue stick, and
  • a book with blank pages or a display book to place your exercises into when you have finished them.

Colour Reference Book

To get the best value from this series on colour, I suggest that you start a workbook.

My favourite thing to do is to use an old hard-covered or spiral-bound book, and to stick my exercises in it. If you wanted to, you could decorate the pages like art journalists do. I once used an old index book with my students addresses etcetera in it. Pasted graph paper, magazine pictures over the book pages gave me fresh spaces to use.

When you have worked through all the lessons in this series on colour, you will have a great reference for later.

Other useful items

color wheel proFor an excellent colour wheel to help you in your colour explorations try :
Color Wheel Pro — a program that allows you to create color schemes and preview them on real examples.

I know you will be really happy with what we discover together by the end of these lessons.

Let’s go!

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Jan T (Urquhart) Baillie, renowned Australian quiltmaker, is known for her scrap quilts, her sixty degree triangle quilts, and for her revolutionary fast piecing system, Listen With Your Eyes, which she invented in 1990 and which has been adopted worldwide. Teaching (make that enthusing) people about quiltmaking, traditional and not so traditional, for more than thirty years, was her life. She likes to tell people that she likes "big bits and fast", is a firm believer in beginners being taught to "walk first and run later", and her slogan is: You have to have fun or you have to go home.

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