Is A Colour Wheel Necessary For Quilters?

Colour Wheels Are Helpful, Right?

Almost all colour wheels commercially available in art and  paint shops are about paint. I have noticed that even in art shops, these wheels are RGB based, which are not helpful for quilters who want to learn more about colour in fabrics. Colour wheels for quilters need to be CMYK wheels.

  • RGB is about Red Green and Blue light.
  • CMYK is about Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black pigments.

You probably recognise CMYK because your desktop printer uses CMYK inks, which are pigments after all. Pigments are dyes and that is how our wonderful patchwork fabrics are produced.

Many years ago I bought a beautiful (large in size and $s) book about colour by Johannes Itten, a noted exponent of the study of colour in early twentieth century Germany. While I loved this book, it didn’t really help me with my quilting.

Colour FoColour Playr Quilters

A favourite author is Joen Wolfrom who writes definitively about colour as it applies to quilt fabrics. I have the first edition of her book Color Play and at first glance found it overwhelming, it was so packed with information. It is dog-eared from use now! Colour schemes explained and shown with real fabric swatch photos, not paint chip swatches. The second edition is now available and I know you too will love that one.

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