10 Super Scrap Quilt Ideas To Slash Your Stash

It's No Secret! I Love Scrap Quilts

I have made many of them, because of my Listen With Your Eyes system of making quilts, and because that’s why I started making quilts in the first place. The way the different colours just seem to work together in a scrap quilt, even if you wouldn’t put them together in a quilt fabric palette, has fascinated me since I saw a picture of a wonderful gypsy of a crazy quilt in a book.

There’s a chapter — Scrap Happy, in Karen Fail’s book, Celebrating The Traditions, in which Karen talks about me and my scrap quilts. Scrap quilt ideas seemed to pop into my head unannounced, and I would make another one, but…

“…my stash multiplied with each new quilt,
and it wasn’t log before I needed to find a way to
slash my stash. “

Do you have that problem?

Ways to slash your stash are especially important when money is a bit tight.

Learn how I make quilts straight out of my stash of fabrics. Join my latest course Create Big Quilts For Small Change and reduce your pile of left-over fabrics.

Perhaps these 10 articles and tutorials will help you to reduce the stack. 

Get plenty of ideas for reducing that pile of scraps?

Some old thoughts, some new,

All practical, perfect for you!

Which one was your favourite? Tell us below…

See you next time
Jan T

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