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Introducing Colour

You will learn how colour works, and how to use what you learn when making your quilts.

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Make Your First Quilt Block

I'll teach you the four essential techniques you need to make patchwork quilts.

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Big Quilts For Small Change

Even when money is tight, you can make great quilts from what you have on hand.

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Ultimate Quilt Fabric Recipe

Learn a sure-fire way to choose the perfect colours for your next quilt.

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Tips and tricks, and workshops to help you with your quiltmaking

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About Jan T

Jan T (Urquhart) Baillie, renowned Australian quiltmaker, is known for her sixty degree triangle quilts, and for her revolutionary fast piecing system, Listen With Your Eyes, which she invented in the 1990s and which has been adopted worldwide.

Teaching (make that enthusing) people about quiltmaking, traditional and not so traditional, for more than thirty years, was her life. Jan T travelled Australia teaching and made plenty of friends.

She has had four patchwork books published, wrote a column in Down Under Quits magazine for twenty-five years, has been guest columnist for Patchwork Tsushin, as well as writing many, many online articles.

Now she wants to start beginning patchworkers off right — the Very Easy Way.


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One of my students, who has become a friend, started this quilt in a class with me.

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Scrap Quilts Are Always Popular – Why?

What is a scrap quilt?
A patchwork quilt made from collected fabrics. Usually, a scrap quilt is not sewn from bought yardage, it is made from what the quiltmaker has in her ‘stash’. I cannot make a quilt from my cupboards, unless it is made from leftover scraps of fabrics from other quilts that I have made.

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Fun facts about Jan T


  • likes to tell people that she likes “big bits and fast”
  • is a firm believer in beginners being taught to “walk first and run later”

Her slogan is:


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